Investing in Education and Safe Local Schools 

As an educator and a mom, I am running to advocate for strong public schools with lower class sizes. Being a lifelong Iowan, I remember when Iowa's education system was top in the nation. It's time to invest in Iowa's schools to provide economic opportunity and growth for our kids' future. 

Creating Jobs with Good Benefits

Iowan middle class families have faced wage stagnation and little growth in job opportunity in the last decade. I will work to create jobs and job programs that benefit all of us and support the new upcoming workforce. I'm ready to put hardworking Iowans above big corporations at the State House. 

Providing Affordable, Accessible Healthcare for All 

We need to make sure all Iowans have access to affordable health care. This means fixing our health care system at the State Legislature through working across the aisle to improve the health of Iowans across the state. 

Sustaining Our Environment for Future Generations in the State 

The State Legislature should be taking measures to protect our land for healthy farms and state that stays attractive for future generations of families in Iowa. Our natural resources make Iowa thrive, let's make sure we're investing in sustainable solutions in Iowa that make sure everyone has clean water and clean air.